breastfeeding q and a

Please click here for some helpful information on how you can prepare for breastfeeding.

Preparing for breastfeeding

As mums ourselves we know that having a baby can be an overwhelming and often tiring experience. Should you choose to breastfeed, try to give it 100% and don’t give up at the first hurdle. Most mums experience problems which can be overcome if you stick with it. Here are some helpful tips, should you chose to breastfeed.

- Have skin-to-skin contact with baby soon after birth for at least 45 uninterrupted minutes – c-section births too!
- Try not to get stressed and drink plenty of fluids and eat often.
- Feed your baby on demand to ensure a plentiful milk supply.
- Try to get plenty of rest, breastfeeding can be quite tiring.
- Don’t give your baby a dummy/bottle until breastfeeding is established – usually around 6 weeks.
- Make sure baby’s position is correct when feeding.
- Feed, feed, feed during a growth spurt, it won’t last for long!
- Only 1% of mums are unable to breastfeed for medical reasons.
- Every day you breastfeed is another day you benefit you and your baby.
- Don’t put yourself under pressure to breastfeed for a long time, just take it week by week.